Natalia Hersche is free

The Association RAZAM.CH welcomes Natalia Hersche’s release. We are glad she returns home and wish her a speedy recovery after long and difficult months in detention. Solidarity and warm words broke through the prison walls, Natalya can always count on our support in the future.

We commend the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the staff of the Swiss Embassy in Minsk for their persistent efforts, which have finally yielded results. We encourage the Swiss authorities to use all diplomatic opportunities and Switzerland’s traditional status as a neutral state to provide humanitarian support to the remaining prisoners and make further efforts to secure their release. Furthermore, we will welcome the efforts of the Swiss government to support the Belarusian civil society and improve the human rights situation in Belarus.

We hope Natalya’s release will set a precedent for relief and release of all political prisoners in Belarus.

PHOTO from Facebook page of the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Belarus