The project BYHome was launched by RAZAM.CH  in November 2020. 

A deep political crisis has started in Belarus in August 2020, after “stolen” presidential elections. Due to governmental persecution and repressions many active pro-democracy people were forced to leave their country, often together with their families, sometimes leaving one or two family members behind, imprisoned for political reasons. 

At the end of 2021, the number of Belarusians relocated for political reasons to Poland has already reached 150k, to Lithuania 20k, and to Ukraine 50k. 

Belarusian relocants are seeking any job and trying to adapt to new life situations on their own. However, often the situation requires financial assistance, such as to cover their housing rent, especially at the early beginning for families with children.

ByHome project aims at providing resources covering the housing rent for three months with a possible extension to up to six months or until the supported family finds its own stable and sufficient source of income.

Thanks to regular and one-off contributions from donators of the BYHome project we have already been able to help 17 families with children from 0 to 18 years old, so far mostly in Poland. 

We have established direct contacts with all these families and are therefore able to follow changes in their situation immediately and decide on continuation or termination of our financial support. Due to the danger of further persecution, we tend not to disclose actual names and photos of most of the participants of our project.

Our project partner in Poland is the HUMANOSH Foundation. The Foundation looks for housing, concludes rent agreements, and arranges targeted cash transfers from RAZAM.CH.

We are grateful to our regular trustees and those who make one-off donations.

Together we can do more!