The project BYHome was launched by RAZAM.CH  in November 2020. 

Following the developments in Belarus before and after the presidential elections in 2020, many people due to repressions and persecution were forced to leave their country and seek refuge for themselves and their families.

Poland, as a bordering country, is one of the main destinations chosen by thousands of Belarusians who have fled their country since August 2020. The number of political asylum requests from Belarusian citizens in Poland has grown more than 8 times compared to the first six months of 2020. Belarusian refugees are looking for a job and trying to adapt to the new safe environment on their own, but these people need financial assistance to cover their housing rent especially at the beginning.

Thanks to regular and one-off contributions from the participants of the BYHome project we are able to cover the rent costs for families who need support. Initially, we provide resources covering the housing rent for three months with a possible extension to up to six months – until the sponsored family finds their own stable source of income and is able to cover their living expenses on their own.

Our project partner in Poland is the HUMANOSH Foundation. The Foundation looks for housing, concludes rent agreements and arranges targeted cash transfers from RAZAM.CH.

Currently, we are supporting four families with children aged between 2 and 16. 

  • Our first sponsored family with two children left the country because the father of the family was subject to repeated illegal arrests and faced the threat of long-time imprisonment. The family is expecting their third child soon. 
  • Two children had to leave Belarus with their grandmother because their parents were put in prison.
  • Parents with three children were forced to leave under the threat of imprisonment and deprivation of parental rights.
  • A mother and her son moved to Poland after the police broke in the door of their apartment following her participation in a peaceful protest.

We have established direct contacts with all these families and are therefore able to follow changes in their situation immediately and decide on continuation or termination of our sponsorship.

We care about these people and want to support them in challenging times of adjusting to life in a foreign country.

We are grateful to our regular sponsors and those who make one-off donations.

Together we can do more!