International Expert Group

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International Expert Group of Belarusian-Swiss Association RAZAM.CH

The International Expert Group was established in Geneva on a voluntary basis by experts in the field of human rights protection mechanisms with a view to follow hearings and discussions in UN institutions considering the issues related to human rights violations in the Republic of Belarus; to assist delegations of the Belarus civil society participating in the relevant meetings in Geneva; to monitor and review UN activities and decisions taken at such meetings; to disseminate information about the situation in the Republic of Belarus among experts of UN institutions, representatives of diplomatic missions and country offices, as well as offices of international human rights organizations located in Geneva; to inform mass media and the general public concerned about issued reports, ongoing hearings and UN meetings on the situation in Belarus.

The International Expert Group works for and in close contact with national human rights organisations and independent trade unions of the Republic of Belarus, coordinates its work with other groups within the RAZAM.CH Association and with democratic Belarusian diasporas in other countries.