The eighth day of war…

Drawing by: Воля Кузьміч

Dear Ukrainians, friends, brothers and sisters.

Just like you, we hoped to the last minute that the insane invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s troops would not happen. But it did happen. And the events of the last eight days and nights ache in the hearts of every real Belarusian. We love Ukraine not only because it has provided a safe asylum for many Belarusians forced to flee the Lukashenko regime over the past year and a half, but because each of us has friends and relatives there.

The silent takeover of Belarus began in August 2020 and at the moment our territory is occupied by an illegitimate government, which is a puppet in the bloody hands of Putin. Our country’s illegitimate government has allowed Belarus to become the aggressor for the first time in its history, and the pain in our hearts is mixed with shame. It was not supposed to happen. But we have allowed it to happen, losing the battle within our own country.

We want you to know:

– We Belarusians under the white-red-white flag are not equal to Lukashenko.

– We, the Belarusians, are with you, we are against war, we are for freedom and for democracy.

– We admire the courage of your army, into whose ranks our compatriots have also joined.

All these days, we have been with you:

– At the collection and sorting points for humanitarian aid;

– In thinking over the logistics of delivering essential supplies to certain regions of Ukraine;

– In all the public and political appeals, both in writing and on the streets of different cities;

– Donating money to funds supporting Ukraine;

– Helping to house refugees, including hosting them in your homes.

And we will continue these activities, just as we will continue to love and support you, despite certain outbursts of aggression against all Belarusians.

We stand with you! Glory to Ukraine!