“Charnobyl Shlyakh” in Geneva 04.25.2021

A march of solidarity in support of Belarusians and on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster will take place in Geneva on 25 April 2021. Place and time of gathering: 11:00 at Palais Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland.

Every year since 1989, Belarusians have been gathering for rallies and marches called “Charnobyl Shlyakh” (Chernobyl Way) so as not to forget about the consequences of the disaster and about the irresponsible behaviour of the authorities in relation to the safety of citizens.

Chernobyl symbolises not just the ecological disaster, but also the long-term protest of Belarusians against the authoritarian anti-popular government.

The “Charnobyl Shlyakh” march has been traditional for Belarusians, but it was disallowed in Belarus this year. Belarusians all over the world are preparing to hold an action in solidarity with their compatriots and to remember everyone who has suffered as a result of the irresponsibility and lies of the ruling regime.