Day of Belarus Women’s Solidarity on July 16th

Courageous women of Belarus dare to challenge the dictator. Our women have gone through the 2020 election, protests, repressions, tortures and became the face of the Belarusian revolution. Our women were at the frontlines of massive rallies in Minsk and regions, joined the volunteers’ camp at Akrestsina prison. Our women make packages for political prisoners and tirelessly cover the events in Belarus.

Many of them – like Maria Kalesnikava, head of media Maryna Zolatava, journalists Darya Chultsova and Katsiaryna Andreyeva, activist Antanina Kanavalava, mother of five Volha Zalatar – remain behind bars, but the whole world admires them. Like the whole world admires strong Nina Bahinskaya with the national white-red-white flag, who has been going on the streets of Minsk to protest for a better future for more than 20 years. Like Katsiaryna Snytsina and Yelena Leuchanka, who were forced to leave Belarus national basketball team for their civil position. Like all our women who dressed in white, brought flowers, and formed solidarity chains to stand up against the endless violence of the regime last August.

To honour this occasion, the association RAZAM.CH invited people to a music event on Wednesday, 14 July. This event took place as part of the “100 Pianos” evening near the Kunsthaus Zurich.

The participants sang, for instance, the famous song “Velvet Summer Evening” to honour all political prisoners in Belarus.

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