Swiss Asylum Orchestra – Zürich, 5 July 2022

The action of cultural solidarity will take place on Werdmühleplatz on 05.07 with live music by the Swiss Asylum Orchestra, the Children Choir of the Sunday Academy for Refugees and works by Ukrainian photographers.

The society in Switzerland was awakened by the war in Ukraine. 

We have shown solidarity, responsibility, and diligence – the main Swiss values. The shared noble cause also unites migrants from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia through joint creation and support. The multinational Swiss society should become an example for the whole world.

The Swiss Asylum Orchestra, created by the immigrant community LYUDẎ: Cultural Solidarity, is a bridge to the future, created under the necessities of nowadays. Many musicians find themselves in a new country and need a temporary shelter, a place where they can continue to share their art and hope. We want to give this opportunity to all musicians with refugee status, regardless of their nationality and religion. This will accelerate integration, provide temporary work, and ensure inclusion and diversity.

On 05.07, at 18:30 a street action will take place on Werdmühleplatz, at which the orchestra will perform Ukrainian Music under the direction of Francois Gerard Garcia. The cultural initiator of the community – Alexander Boldachev will perform Antic Syrian Melodies and “The Earth Song” by Michael Jackson. Also public will have an opportunity to listen to the Children Choir of the Sunday Academy for Refugees under the direction of the head of the academy Yauheni Spiridonov and the choirmaster from Bucha, UKR – Natalia Severenchuk.

This program will be repeated on the stage of Tonhalle: Kleiner Saal on the 2nd of September, during the Harp Festival Zurich.

Swiss communities – Russia of the Future, RAZAM.CH, Mriya Ukraina, Квiтень and the organizer of the academy and the orchestra LYUDẎ: Cultural solidarity are taking part in the organization of the street cultural rally. This action unites the Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian communities, which could be a tradition and a step towards creating an alliance that opposes the destructive force that destroys all three countries.

We are happy to welcome you to Werdmühleplatz in the center of Zurich from 18:30 till 19:45.