Solidarity with Belarus 3.7.2021

UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet has recently presented her report to the Human Rights Council confirming that the systematic crackdown against all opponents of the regime in Belarus continues after the disputed presidential election in 2020. Over 33,000 people have been subject to arrests and detentions. People receive harsh punishments for participation in peaceful manifestation, for expression of disagreement with the state in social media, for reading “wrong” books in the train, for having “wrong” colour of windows or clothes, or for dancing…

The examples of arbitrariness and disproportionately harsh court rulings are another sign of crackdown: participants of a dance performance in Brest have been sentenced to 2.5 years imprisonment; journalists Katerina Bachalova and Daria Tschulzova – to 2 years in jail; journalist Katerina Borisevich was sentenced to 6month in jail only for doing her job. And finally, let’s not forget the Belarusian-Swiss citizen Natalia Hersche, whose appeal against a 2.5-year prison sentence for alleged removal of balaclava has been recently turned down.

Today Belarus is an absolute leader in the number of political prisoners, which stands at 263 people.

On Sunday 7th, at 15.00 we will be gathering at the Place de Nations in Geneva, to express our solidarity with Belarusian people and to stand in the name of prosecuted women, minors, strikers, journalists, doctors, retirees, disabled persons who have been intimidates, harassed or persecuted by the Belarusian authorities.

Join us on 07 March 2021 at 15.00, at the Place des Nations, wear red and white colors, bring flowers, and show your #flowerpower in the name of truth and liberty!