Solidarity action with Belarus #явыхожу 20.11.2020

Minsk courtyard dubbed by local residents a “Square of Change” for its famous opposition mural which turned into a symbol of solidarity and peaceful resistance, where concerts, speeches, and crafts courses were organized, became a place of tragedy on Thursday 12th November. According to the residents, unknown people in masks came one more time to cut off the white-red-white ribbons, the symbols of resistance to Lukashenko’s regime. Roman Bondarenko, a 31-year-old painter, was one of those who came down to the yard to ask them what was going on.
The beaten Roman was taken into a minibus and moved to a police station before being transferred to hospital with serious brain injuries, where he died.

On November 15th outrageous crackdown on Roman Bondarenko commemoration action in Belarus police used gas and stun grenades against people in the street, persecuted them in the shops and apartments, arrested hundreds of them. Moans of beaten detained are heard outside of Frunzenski police department in Minsk.

After all this, we call on you not to stay indifferent. The last message that Roman Bondarenko wrote in the internal courtyard chat was “I’m going out!” Go out in solidarity with Belarusian people!

Rally is authorised but limited cause of COVID-19 to 15 people. Masks obligatory