Association RAZAM.CH organized an action of solidarity with Belarus in Bern

On October 3rd 2020, Belarusians living in Switzerland organized a solidarity action at the Bern Train Station Square. The main purpose of the action was to demonstrate support to political prisoners and people detained at peaceful protests in Belarus.

At the action, participants have read the names of 74 political prisoners in Belarus – but the exact number of those kept behind bars for political reasons is greater and is not yet known. Among those who is currently imprisoned in Belarus is Natalie Hersche, a Belarusian living in Switzerland, who on September 19th 2020 was sentenced to 15-day imprisonment for her participation in the women solidarity march, and who is now facing criminal charges. As part of the action, participants have also signed the cards with the words of support and gratitude to be sent to political prisoners in Belarus.

Earlier on the same day, some of the action participants have visited the exibition L’Œuil extérieur – Neuformatierung des Raumes / Affspace+ organised in Bern by Irina Gerasimovich and Valerian Maly, with the help of Seraina Renz, which exibits the works of three Belarusian artists : Arthur Klinau, Mikhail Gulin and Antonina Slobodchikova. Participants have also visited the bookstore next to the Clock Tower in central Bern, that has over the course of the previous week been selling Belarusian books (most of which have been sold out). Belarusians have also stopped by at the bakery Bred à Porter, which is currently baking special bread with cumin, based on the recipe of Belarusian theatre actress Zoya Belakhvostik.

We would like to thank all action participants and everybody who cares about the fate of Belarusian political prisoners and who is currently joining us in our demands for their immediate release. Solidarity is our power!